Lattice company values

We’re big fans of our values here at Lattice. Our values act as guiding principles when it comes to our work, our hiring practices, and ourselves. We talk about them every day and praise each other based on our ability to embody them.

But they took a while to develop. We noticed that values tend to be words that people put on walls but don’t really mean anything to the people who work there, and tend to be the same across organizations. They’re often a generic form of aspirational internal marketing. We didn’t want to put down “integrity” as a core value because we strongly believe that everyone who works at Lattice needs to exhibit this value. That felt too simplistic.

Instead, we wanted to make values that were more than our cultural foundations — they’re more about our cultural ideals, of our company standards that we strive to reach. They are as follows:

Ship, Shipmate, Self

How we see each other.

We are one team, working towards a common goal. Success and growth as a team also mean more opportunity for us individually. We look out for our shipmates and know they’re looking out for us.

We are all company owners and act like it.

Chop Wood, Carry Water

How we see our work.

The best work is done when we fall in love with the process of becoming great, rather than obsessing over the end result. We recognize that greatness is exhausting, unglamorous, and occurs as the byproduct of faithfulness to our process and passion for our craft.

So we work to surrender the outcome and keep persisting after everyone else has gone home and nobody is watching.

Clear Eyes

How we see the world.

We approach our work, colleagues, customers, and ourselves with clarity and honesty. We harness pragmatism as a superpower.

We believe that starting from a place of truth will make us successful and happy in the long run.

What’s Next?

How we approach ourselves.

We have an insatiable appetite to grow, to improve, and to look for the next horizon.

Whenever we arrive at a destination, we see it as the beginning of a new journey. Our work will never be done.